• Students posing
  • Teaching how to test water in summer science day camps for middle school and high school students at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.
  • Central City High School students use chemistry kits to test the quality of a sample collected.
  • Preparing a recently collected groundwater sample for a bacteria test at Newman Grove High School.
  • Looking for the presence of an analyte near Central City.
  • Collecting a groundwater sample form a resident who owns a rural domestic well near Central City.
  • Before heading out into the field, students test equipment for the first time at Auburn High School.
  • Waverly High School students calibrate the multi-parameter probe in the field.
  • Students reading the results from the multi-parameter probe near Central City.
  • Auburn High School students filling up a sample container to analyze at a latter time.
  • Sorting through the recently collected sample bottles after returning from the field at Auburn High School.
  • Collecting some groundwater to test for pH, temperature and conductivity near Central City.
  • Newman Grove High School students read instructions on how to detect Nitrate in water samples using a chemistry kit..
  • Auburn High School students collecting groundwater samples in the field.
  • Central City High School students prepare for field work by putting on PPE (personal protective equipment)

“Know Your Well” is a Nebraska Environmental Trust-funded project training high school students how to sample and test well water quality. This project runs between 2017 and 2020 and expects to connect with 16 schools across Nebraska. Students will compare their results with tests conducted at the University of Nebraska Water Sciences Laboratory. Over 300 private wells will eventually be tested for nitrate, nitrite, metals, pesticides, and coliform bacteria. Students collect land use and other data to help determine vulnerability to contamination. Well owners are supplied with test results and provided with information to help them evaluate their water quality. “Know Your Well” is helping well owners and future water scientists in Nebraska know more about ground water in our state.